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"Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." - Dorothy Gale
Ecks Factor: Still Survivin' After All These Years
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  • 7
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    David Holmes
    "Saw Moonrise Kingdom and Prometheus again today. Two wonderful films." - David Holmes
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  • Lucas could sense Jason s discomfort, Do not worry about me. Elsa thought she could ve crawled into a hole at that last statement. Even though he could feel her disappointment that he didn t, the temptation was too great.
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    His lips were pulled into a smile but his eyes were void of any amusement. Maybe together, they could figure out how to get back to the future.
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    I haven t done anything you didn t want done. Lucas needed a challenge a toy of sorts to threaten him, train him. It says that Paul had two brothers, but he s the one who went on to begin a small inventing business, inspired by his parents who told him about the possibility of time travel.
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    If I didn t know any better, I d say he had fire ants in his pants.

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    David Holmes
    "Saw Moonrise Kingdom and Prometheus again today. Two wonderful films." - David Holmes

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  • I mean, once a woman turns twenty-nine, birthdays become a liability. All he needed was to find that chip and he d be on his way.
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    Lucas stood at the top, clothed in an elegant black double breasted dress coat, a burgundy shirt and black tie. A few hours wasn t enough to give herself an objective view.

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    Lucas had put some thought into this, unbeknownst to Jason. The men gasped as if they were one collective entity. I am, but with the right numbers and the right strategy, 309 Lietha Wards they may win.

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    Mister Ecks
    "My first ever Babble! Woo! ... no one said it would be a good first Babble." - Mister Ecks
    Mister Ecks
    "My first ever Babble! Woo! ... no one said it would be a good first Babble." - Mister Ecks
    David Holmes
    "There simply aren't enough pictures of the Hulk on the main page right now, lol" - David Holmes
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  • She brought her hand to her mouth in alarm trying her best to sort out the memories of their night together.
  • Without turning around Lucas spoke, I want the photographs and the negatives, Jason. She just couldn t believe that man called her beautiful.

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    He sat up, and spoke his thoughts out loud, Now I know what Valear was referring to. I love Elsa too much to watch her suffer over her friend s constant meddling.
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    He set down the glass and the decanter and turned to face Valear, I have no intention of betraying you. She always put her put her down and insulted her. They were somewhat swollen and discolored; no real bruising, only a distant hint, but there was soreness nonetheless.

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    David Holmes
    "There simply aren't enough pictures of the Hulk on the main page right now, lol" - David Holmes
    Karl Schneider
    "Thank you Dr. Pepper!" - Karl Schneider
    Karl Schneider
    "Thank you Dr. Pepper!" - Karl Schneider
    "​Ancho​​rman ​​2....​​it's ​​happe​​ning.​" - Crux
    "​Ancho​​rman ​​2....​​it's ​​happe​​ning.​" - Crux
    MG Casey
    "Pssh, no fancy premiere summer release date needed! Shocker, we like to see movies all year round!" - MG Casey
    MG Casey
    "Pssh, no fancy premiere summer release date needed! Shocker, we like to see movies all year round!" - MG Casey

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    "Murs "Lookin' Fly" on 21 Jump Street Soundtrack is my new jam. Now: to find a white tux & doves. ;-)" - Carla

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  • So it was childish to be smug about having a date when Charles didn t.
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  • "Murs "Lookin' Fly" on 21 Jump Street Soundtrack is my new jam. Now: to find a white tux & doves. ;-)" - Carla
    "Going to see 21 Jump Street after work!" - Crux
    "Going to see 21 Jump Street after work!" - Crux
    "Forgot Babbles existed o.O" - be.redy
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    "Forgot Babbles existed o.O" - be.redy
    David Holmes
    "​Proje​​ct ob​​noXio​us" - David Holmes
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    Linda knew she really didn t deserve a friend such as Elsa. Also the small crowd out front let her know they were at their destination. She spoke so low that he could barely hear her.

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    She left the house just as Miriam climbed the porch steps. Elsa figured that was her work uniform although it seemed outdated.
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    David Holmes
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    Please tell me you re not in this funk again. I mean we ve all heard rumors about rogue alligators. Elsa rolled over in her sleep startling Lucas back to sanity.
    "​Proje​​ct ob​​noXio​us" - David Holmes